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HH Pages 10-13 (Zelda, Fi)

P 10-11


Zelda with her Loftwing

Like Link, she lives at the Knight Academy and leads a normal life, until she awakes to her heavenly destiny.  On the ground, she works with Impa as a priestess to perform her duties. Continue reading


HH Pages 2-3 and 6-9 (Introduction, Link)

P 2-3

“The Legend of Zelda” Series Reaches 25 Years

Nintendo Co., Ltd.  Executive Director

“Legend of Zelda” General Producer

SHIGERU MIYAMOTO Continue reading

Hyrule Historia

As I currently have no other medium to publicly share large amounts of text, I will be posting my translation of the book Hyrule Historia here for anyone to read.  I don’t have a scanner now, so I won’t be able to post scans of the book, but I will include pictures where I can.

I hope you enjoy, and any feedback is welcome =)