HH Pages 10-13 (Zelda, Fi)

P 10-11


Zelda with her Loftwing

Like Link, she lives at the Knight Academy and leads a normal life, until she awakes to her heavenly destiny.  On the ground, she works with Impa as a priestess to perform her duties.

“This time, Zelda is not a princess, so we first got rid of her head ornaments.  But then she was a little too plain…  We wanted to combine the simplicity of a village girl with the uniqueness of a heroine, and came to this design.  As a base we used a reddish-purple, a color that stands out in the blue sky, and has also been worn by previous Zeldas.  The director wanted Zelda’s priestess form to be ‘simple and white’.” –Hirono, Kobayashi, Designers

Zelda as the Goddess Hylia Incarnate

I wonder, will Link come to wake me up?

Princess Zelda and the Goddess’ Harp

Sheik from Ocarina of Time

The harp that Zelda carries in this game closely resembles the one that Sheik later carries in “Ocarina of Time”.  There’s a possibility they could be one and the same…

P 12-13


The Sword Spirit Fi

  She is the spirit living in the Goddess Sword, who obeys the Goddess and calls Link “Master”.  She has a robotic and inhuman way of speaking, but as she travels with Link, she almost begins to show “feelings”…

Your servant Fi will always be with Master…

“As a spirit living in the Goddess Sword—which would later become the Master Sword—we used the various parts of the Master Sword as a motif for her design.  We already had in mind the image of the “beautiful secretary” that always accompanies the hero in the 1980’s Zelda animation.  Ideas for a robot or female thief came up, but when we looked at the Fairy Queen design from ‘Wind Waker’, we unanimously decided on that.” –Kobayashi, Designer

The Fairy Queen from Wind Waker


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