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HH Pages 26-29 (The Bazaar)

P 26-29

The Bazaar

“We thought it would be a pain if the stores were all over the place when you came back to resupply from your adventures, so we made them into a kind of market.  Did you notice that the music changes for each stall as you move around?” (Fujibayashi, Director/Hisada, Designer)

A view of the bazaar (left) on Skyloft

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HH Pages 22-25 (Knight Academy, Students)

P 22-25

The Knight Academy

“While we were thinking about a game that could be a sort of tutorial stage (it later became the Wing Ceremony), we knew we wanted 3 rivals for Link.  That became the group of 3 brats, and from there we got the idea for a school.  Gaepora would be the most knowledgeable person on the island, and he inevitably became the head master of the school.” (Iwamoto, Producer and Kaneko, Designer)

Gaepora, head master of the Knight Academy

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HH Pages 18-20 (The World, Skyloft)

P 18-20

Sky of the Humans, Land of the Others

To Link and the people living in the sky, the land below is merely a part of legend.  Among the other beings living on the earth, the land in the sky is said to be a myth.

Map of the Land Below the Sky

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HH Pages 14-17 (Ghirahim, Impa, The Imprisoned, Demise)

P 14-17


A member of a demon race, he stubbornly pursues Zelda.  He has only one purpose: to revive his “Master”, the Demon King.


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