HH Pages 14-17 (Ghirahim, Impa, The Imprisoned, Demise)

P 14-17


A member of a demon race, he stubbornly pursues Zelda.  He has only one purpose: to revive his “Master”, the Demon King.


You’re welcome to call me Lord Ghirahim.

 “Once Idea #4 was put out [see book for picture], we knew what design we wanted.  We knew we wanted a man of Link’s age, who was the exact opposite of Fi, and from there the design evolved into the spirit of an evil sword.  For Ghirahim’s 3rd form, we gave him a diamond-pattern texture that shines depending on the light.” (Hirono, Kinouchi, and Kaneko, Designers)

Ghirahim's 3rd (Final) Form


From the past to the present, she works only to protect Zelda–sometimes fighting, sometimes waiting.

Impa from the past

“For Young Impa’s design, we looked to Impa and Sheik from ‘Ocarina of Time’.  We also used the image of an actor who plays boys’ roles, and gave her a gender-neutral shape.  Old Impa’s clothes resemble those of her younger times, though time has slowly changed them.  Her triangular shape is like a sundial marking the course of time.  Her hair is a pendulum that marks the passing seconds, and each additional length to her braid counts the passing years.” (Kaneko, Designer)

Impa from the present

The Imprisoned and Demise

They are the root of all evil.  They have the terrible power to lead the world to destruction.

The Imprisoned, the incomplete form of Demise

“With the two provisions that The Imprisoned be huge and have a weak point on the head, I was otherwise able to freely design it.  More than a monster, the image I had was of a beast.  I redrew Demise numerous times, trying to express a feeling of majestic and terrible power.  To connect him with Ganondorf, I made his hair red…or rather, made it into fire! (haha)  His sword’s design is that of an evil Master Sword.” (Designer, Konouchi)

Demise, the Demon King


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