HH Pages 18-20 (The World, Skyloft)

P 18-20

Sky of the Humans, Land of the Others

To Link and the people living in the sky, the land below is merely a part of legend.  Among the other beings living on the earth, the land in the sky is said to be a myth.

Map of the Land Below the Sky

“This time, we made the world map much more simple, and tried designing it for easy access to each area.  We wove in the desire of one planner, who wanted to be able to skydive from a really high place.  At one point in the process, the lake was at the very middle of the map.” (Designer, Fujibayashi)

A world of related opposites

In the “Legend of Zelda” series, there are many games where you travel between two different worlds: light and dark, light and shadow, past and future, and now sky and earth.  Link may have the responsibility of connecting these differing worlds.

Skyloft and the Sky Islands

Humans all live on islands that float in the sky.  In the sky, so high that Loftwings are the only birds that can reach it, people revere the Goddess and live in peace.

A view of Skyloft, the main sky island

“Since the setting of floating islands is something unrealistic, we decided to make the town fantastic as well.  With “sky”, “wind”, and “peace” as keywords for our design, we decided on the colors and decorations of the buildings.  Also, the islands are too high for any birds other than the Loftwings, so seeing little birds on the earth below surprises the characters.” (Designer, Hisada)

A floating island only Loftwings can reach

There were many ideas for Skyloft’s design, from having the islands connected by narrow bridges, to putting them all at different heights in the sky.  In the design furthest to the left [see book], you can see a castle.


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