HH Pages 22-25 (Knight Academy, Students)

P 22-25

The Knight Academy

“While we were thinking about a game that could be a sort of tutorial stage (it later became the Wing Ceremony), we knew we wanted 3 rivals for Link.  That became the group of 3 brats, and from there we got the idea for a school.  Gaepora would be the most knowledgeable person on the island, and he inevitably became the head master of the school.” (Iwamoto, Producer and Kaneko, Designer)

Gaepora, head master of the Knight Academy

“When designing the characters of Skyloft, the first image we always tried to incorporate was a bird.  Maybe that’s why Henya’s appearance resembles that of a Cucco, I think.  By the way, Groose’s pointy hair is modeled on a rooster’s comb.  For Horwell and Owlan, we looked to the Rito race of ‘Wind Waker’ as we designed them.” (Hirono, Designer)

Henya, the lunch lady

Give me paper…

It’s said that you can hear a voice calling from the bathroom in the Knight Academy each night: “Give me paper…”.  In “Majora’s Mask” and “Oracle of Seasons” and “Ages”, the same story also appears.  It might be a type of ghost story that has been passed down.

The hand in the toilet (from "Oracles")

Students of the Knight Academy

“He may seem a bit careless and rough, but he makes that large bomb catapult on rails, so he might actually be more capable than one would think.  Because of that, and also because he has exercise equipment in his room, I think Groose is a hard-working kid.  His room expresses his part as leader of the other kids, since he has taken over much of Cawlin and Stritch’s room.” (Hirono, Designer)

Groose, Link's rival

Sheikah Stones and Gossip Stones

Between the Sparring Hall and the Knight Academy, there is a Sheikah Stone.  He (It?) has a casual tone, but his hints are very important.  As in “Ocarina of Time”, he and his Gossip Stone fellows on the ground hold rare information.

Gossip Stone


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