HH Pages 26-29 (The Bazaar)

P 26-29

The Bazaar

“We thought it would be a pain if the stores were all over the place when you came back to resupply from your adventures, so we made them into a kind of market.  Did you notice that the music changes for each stall as you move around?” (Fujibayashi, Director/Hisada, Designer)

A view of the bazaar (left) on Skyloft

“We had some amusing ideas, like, that the Gear Shop guy was actually doing fortune telling as a side business, or that he was related to the fortune teller.  We combined the blacksmith and weapon shop into the Scrap Shop.” (Oyama, Designer)

Gondo's Scrap Shop

“All the other stores have one clerk, but we hadn’t decided the details for the potion shop and item check, so we had 5 designers sketch them.  We chose the characters that we could expand our ideas upon the most.  There were a lot of designs that weren’t used, and it’s a real shame!  We rearranged some of them to use as different characters instead.” (Hirono, Designer)

A view of the Potion Shop, managed by Luv (left) and Bertie (right)

Peatrice, the Item Check clerk

Shop owners with strong personalities                                         

There are many shop owners with strong personalities in the Zelda series.  That’s because there are so many ideas for the characters…perhaps?

Salvatore, the bored cannon game owner from "Wind Waker"



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